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Kids Learn By Doing

We believe kids learn through participation. At Camp Yonnie we provide every opportunity for kids to indulge in activities where they can gain the necessary skills they can take with them beyond Camp Yonnie. While it is true that kids can leave camp, camp experiences will never leave them.

Beyond Education

Camp Yonnie merges educational skills into various camp activities. With several fun entertainment and educational outlets available, there will be plenty of opportunity for the kids of Camp Yonnie to learn from and excel to new heights.




Check out the fun entertainment options available for all kids enrolled in Camp Yonnie.


Basketball is a camp favorite that will create togetherness, fun and critical thinking skills on the court.


Camp Yonnie kids will enjoy soccer games in our large field and have a blast developing friendships.

Gaga Pit

A Gaga pit will be available and are designed for action packed activity and play promising athletic fun for all.

Art & Design

Each youth will have opportunities to delve into their artisitic ability and create artwork to keep beyond camp.


Tennis courts will be utilized for fun tennis games to take place among the children.

Flag Football

Youth will have the ability to plan and work together with teams in flag football games.


Students will have opportuntities to have fun and learn about music and how it’s created.


Fun dance sessions give youth the ability to learn about dance while having a good time dancing to the music.


Camp Yonnie provides various educational activities to stimulate the minds of each child we serve and prepare them for a promising future.


Youth will have the chance to learn about STEM subjects that stimulate the mind.


Children can start early on fully utilizing the earth through learning about litereature and art topics.